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Rules of Digigraphie





The use of the term Digigraphie relates exclusively to a print produce:


  • By an Epson Stylus Pro professional printer
  • With Epson UltraChrome™ inks
  • On certified paper
  • Authenticated: numbered, signed by the artist, marked with the relief stamp and accompanied by its certificate.


If one of these four obligations is not complied with, the printed work cannot, in any case, be qualified as Digigraphieâ®. This obligatory qualification is the guarantee, for the artist as for their clients, of ensuring the fidelity and permanence of the reproduced work.



The Artist undertakes, in the context of the use of the Digigraphie label, to exclusively produce works in limited series.

The concept of limited series is defined by three criteria freely determined by the Artist:


  • The number of proofs reproduced
  • The format of the reproduction of the work
  • The support on which it is printed


If, for a defined series, the printer, paper or format is changed, it is obligatory that this become the subject of a new series. The artist undertakes not to exceed the determined print run number, as indicated on the Digigraphie certificate given to each acquirer of a work.

If these commitments are not complied with, Epson reserves the right to withdraw the embosser from the Artist, together with their Digigraphe referencing. On their part, the Digigraphe Artist may withdraw from this programme without prior notice and without particular reason, but having notified Epson in advance.



Source: www.digigraphie.com