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Artworks by Sophie Griotto

There are 150 artworks.

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Products by page

I am french and i was born in the south of France in 1975.

I started drawing and painting before i could even write, an activity which to-date, i have never stopped. 1998 - When a trainee at a major advertising agency in Paris whose budgets went to “beauty” and “luxury”, i become a storyboarder freelance for some Parisian arts agencies. I draw for Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier...

> 2003 - Thanks to my first job, my drawing and style improved and gave birth to an illustrator. Women soon imposed on me as being my favorite topic. I would dwell upon every detail. I look for the attitude that will enable me to emphasise a personality. Their clothing and accessories underline their charm. I like define outlines by way of empty space. I work on the use of light and shadow and not the outline in order to get the real depth and different dimensions of the object. I cook the material, the coulour, and look for the attitude that will enable me to emphasise a personality.

> 2013 -I'm honored to be part of the two art books Taschen "100 Illustrators" and "Illustration now, Fashion!"

> 2014 - I created 8 illustrations for the hôtel Rayz, Private Suites, near the "Place Vendôme" in Paris. The illustrations will be printed on Wallpaper.

> 2016 - In parallel with my job, illustrator, I'm back in the way of the exhibitions. I exhibit my personal artwork. originals and graphics research in art galeries.