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Artworks by  Pal Design

There are 7 artworks.

He was born in 1969 in Toulouse / He lives and works in Paris
Polyvalent artist of Toulouse, Pal is growing up in a music world. Occasionally manager of "La Pal Prod", we can find his untouchable brands (Big cheesse, Bago Groove) in all of his works in series. DJ Pal, like entertainer of Parisian Soul & Funk, is in the generation mods that it persists today still. Pal Design, graphic webmaster, he makes website design. Also for him, the Digigraphie is a free support for his graphic creativity and conditioned and inspired by the music. Super Play is a travel along with a musical taste; These characters are sketches that he has made during his vagabonding. The soul & funk spirit is omnipresent to remember us his passion for the music. Such as artist says: this version is the most complete of his series, only the abundance of information it's already a evidence. In his works we can find also a self-portrait of himself.