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There are 31 artists

  • AK-LH by Aksel

    He was born in 1974 in Sweden / He lives and works in Paris
    He was graduated from ESAG Penninghen, qualification "Graphic Arts", Aksel is now the artistic director of Ak-lh. Of French Swedish origins, he creates very personal illustrations and painting. Graphic, illustrator, photographer, he works with the major record companies, he writes art's book and he makes also posters, logo, album covers ...

    29 artworks
  • Amylee

    She was born in 1978 in France / She lives and works in Paris
    She was born at Nîmes,and as Amylee was a child she's focused on paint and design in her playtime. After the studies on Visual Arts and Applied Arts, she moves to Paris to work in the field of design and fashion ( Style Office, Graphics Office ). She takes her talent from the big artists like Klimt, Mucha and Gruau, and from designer like Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott ou Marni. Her artwork is centered on the colors; she loves talking about women, and she loves making patterns about fashion show and 70's. All her works have a positive charge with an elegant "glamour pop" touch. Her overflow energy and her desire to communicate with others, they push her to the web. Blogger since 2006, she opens the new prospect for the relationship between the artist and his spectators. You can also find her works on: Fan page FB, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Viadeo, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Flickr, etc ... and with the App Amylee free on AppStore or iTunes.

    4 artworks
  • Lovisa Burfitt

    She was born in 1973 / She lives and works in Trets in Provence
    Fashion designer and illustrator Lovisa Burfitt lives and works in France since 2002. She has been working as an illustrator since she graduated from the Beckmans School of Fashion in 1997, and in 2001 she was invited as a guest student at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm. Illustrating since over 15 years, Burfitt uses techniques like ink, watercolor and feather pen, but is also well known for her brush strokes and color pencil. Among her clients are H&M, Guerlain, Sephora, Harrods, Selfridges, Nordstrom, Franck & Fils, Procter & Gamble, Givenchy, Absolut Vodka and le Ciel Bleu in Tokyo. She has also illustrated in numerous issues of Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Glamour and the Sunday Times

    7 artworks
  • Bahar

    She was born in 1987 in Tehran / Lives and works in France since 2010
    Bahar is an Iranian illustrator. She studied graphic design at the Art University of Teheran. Then in Paris she completed her training at the school Ensaama Olivier de Serres. Before beginning her career as a fashion illustrator, she worked in advertising for French luxury brands. With her graphic eye, she puts poetry and glamor in her flat colors.

    35 artworks
  • Clément Dezelus

    Director. Illustrator. Art Director. 

    Clément Dezelus is a visual artist based in Paris. His work explores several mediums as film, music-videos, illustrations, painting and art direction. He started his carrer as a fashion illustrator, and works mainly in the luxury sector for brands such as Chanel, Azzaro or Lancaster. 
    From 2015 his aesthetic is requested for commercials. He expands his work in film, music-video and advertising and collaborated with major brands. In 2018 he designed a perfume for Lancaster distributed worldwide. In 2019, he wrote and directed his first fictional short Peep Show with the artists of Manko Cabaret. In 2020, he is chosen by Kevin Kwan the author of the novel Crazy Rich Asian (New York Times best seller) to illustrate the cover of his new trilogy.

    44 artworks
  • Ds Kamala

    She was born in 1977 in France / She lives and works in Roanne
    Artist of Roanne, Ds Kamala becomes textile designer in 1998, graduated fromm the national high school of Applied Art and Profession to Art , she makes art in series. The Digigraphie opens her new and more perspectives of creation. For the series Urban, she uses urban and industrial photos thet she personalizes with graphic, abstract and figurative creations. These "Aéros Monsters" take urban spaces to bring life and colors. DSK has a lot of creative universes, each one with a particular artistic tract. She likes Indian culture, which she brings in the theme of Monty Paradise. With the background of the same motif, we can see her textile formation. Her attention to delay gives at her works new features art each us interpretation.

    25 artworks
  • Cédric Cazal

    He takes his talent from his travels in Africa. Parisian, now he lives in Corcone in the sud of France, where he makes his canvas, in the calm and serenity of this small village in the district of Gard. We can find his formation in graphics 3D into the volumes of his works about Africa that he makes from his imagination.

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  • Eboy

    They were born in Germany / They live and work in Sweden, in Scandinavia and Canada
    Eboy was been founded in 1997 by three German friends : Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. They use pixel to the art, so they can explore all of form of new digital art. The ground their work on individual pixel images which they form in a unique image. Each of the three artists create all characters and all set piece by piece, and everyone give his touch and his originality. Today, the collective Eboy, undisputed master of discipline is an international media icon. The most important companies call them for their communication projects. " The desktop of our computers are open windows on a second life, we see pixel everyday !"

    4 artworks
  • Guillaume Grasset

    He was born in 1973 in France / He lives and works in Paris
    He decided to live for few years in Los Angeles in the mid nineties. Afterthen, he'll become assistant of famous photographers such as Herb Ritts, David LaChapelle, Lindberg, Steven Klein. He meets Michel Figuet, and assists him on album cover for Universal Music, and Gauthier Gallet with whom he works for Elle. In 2000, settled in Paris he becomes a professional photographer. Thill then, Guillaume is commissioned on various projects such as : making documentaries for Forum des Halles Paris, Air France Magazine, Modular lightings, L'Officiel, several architects & designers ; lookbooks for fashion designers ... Troughout his trips, he dedicates his work to explore the urban side of our lives in opposition of our true nature. With no special effect, Nature & humans are revealed by his cinematic light, that relates the reality of our lives.

    8 artworks
  • Chacha By Iris

    She was born in 1979 in France / She lives and works in Paris
    Chacha By Iris gives a big range of colors, poetic, minimal, floral and glamour visuals in powdered or flashy shade. In her unique universe she produces contemporary pattern where luxuriant vegetables and dreams are mixed. In her creations, she makes snapshots of delicate colored flower, of imaginary landscape, where white swan, hot-air balloon, a lot of water lily and the pink flamingoes are in the background with Paris and his magic Tour Eiffel. Graduated en 2002 from school La Martinière Terreaux in Lyon in the field of the creation and tailoring of textile Art, Céline Chassary begins en 2003 like fashion and accessories designer for Stella Cadente. After, she moves in the field of interior design and she creates images for pillows. She takes inspirations from the nature: the flora; the fauna; the landscapes, mainly the Japan’s landscape ... Her works were numerous and in series so the step between Chacha and Atelier Contemporain was been smaller. Her touch with colours is most appreciated. Created in 2012 by Céline Chassary, Chacha By Iris is a trademark of decoration and high fashion qualified in the textile’s pattern.

    27 artworks
  • Sophie Griotto

    I am french and i was born in the south of France in 1975.

    I started drawing and painting before i could even write, an activity which to-date, i have never stopped. 1998 - When a trainee at a major advertising agency in Paris whose budgets went to “beauty” and “luxury”, i become a storyboarder freelance for some Parisian arts agencies. I draw for Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier...

    > 2003 - Thanks to my first job, my drawing and style improved and gave birth to an illustrator. Women soon imposed on me as being my favorite topic. I would dwell upon every detail. I look for the attitude that will enable me to emphasise a personality. Their clothing and accessories underline their charm. I like define outlines by way of empty space. I work on the use of light and shadow and not the outline in order to get the real depth and different dimensions of the object. I cook the material, the coulour, and look for the attitude that will enable me to emphasise a personality.

    > 2013 -I'm honored to be part of the two art books Taschen "100 Illustrators" and "Illustration now, Fashion!"

    > 2014 - I created 8 illustrations for the hôtel Rayz, Private Suites, near the "Place Vendôme" in Paris. The illustrations will be printed on Wallpaper.

    > 2016 - In parallel with my job, illustrator, I'm back in the way of the exhibitions. I exhibit my personal artwork. originals and graphics research in art galeries.

    152 artworks
  • Hossein Borojeni

    He was born in 1976 in Teheran / Lives and works in Paris
    Hossein is a franco-iranian illustrator from a family of artists. Thanks to his parents, painters-sculptors, botch teachers at the Fine Art School, his playgrounds are often artists studios and drawing lessons even before going to kindergarten. Arriving in Paris at the age of 14, he nevertheless makes scientific studies while going on drawing. His talent in drawing first carries him towards design. He works several years as a designer and then moves on to car design and graphic arts, before turning towards fashion illustration. Follower of the "Less is more" movement in design, he goes on applying this approach to his illustrations by refining his drawings to reach the expression of a feeling, an idea, a look with a mimimum of lines, the void thus becoming his better ally.

    25 artworks
  • Karen Klassen

    She was born in Calgary where she is living, Canada
    Karen lives in her office like freelance illustrator full times. She loves to mix different artistic techniques such as acrylic, painting, Photoshop ... she takes inspiration from Vintage : magazines, fabrics, patterns ... In her spare time she loves to ride her bike and to live recklessly.

    3 artworks
  • Philippe Matine

    He was born in France / He lives and works in Paris
    After the studies in communication, he begins his career in the publicity at 22. At the same time, he has passion for comics and travel. Self-educated graphics, after a long growth, he defines a mode of expression which allow him to reconcile these two passions and he creates some image. These images are based on easy concept : in all landscape, urban or not, tere are hidden stories which want only be uncovered. A graphics touch inspired by clear line with a very strong energy which we can see in the set of his works, a bubble bursts against a window or a car is the first step of a history that we can imagine ourselves. Intriguing or funny, disturbing, crazy or romantic this history belongs to everyone. Encouraged from his friends, he makes his first creations in 2005 with several digital techniques. Now, the urban universes to Paris from San Francisco, to New York from Miami, to London from Venise or Rome, form a colored and original collection in big and spectacular formats.
    "Single Frames", where the histories are in only one image...

    295 artworks
  • Alain Maurel

    He was born in 1969 in France / He lives and works in Paris
    Photographer of forty years of Provencal origin, this Mediterranen artist loves so much the warmth of suds than Paris where he is living. The Ville Lumières makes all her sense in his night photos of the great classics of Paris. He looks at one Paris between tradition and modernity. In Miami, during one of his vagabonding in the Art District, he captures the multicolor wall painting.

    14 artworks
  • Emmanuel Mergault

    He was born in 1969 in France / He lives and works in the Drôme region
    After his studies and his internship at Art School, Atelier and Design School, he becomes professional painter; He likes working with watercolors and acrylic. The first impression of his works is an incontestable power, an extreme vigor for the movements. He writes up the fog, thet he combines with the architecture, where the speed captures the building ... His painting is creating in a delicate line, lethal tact, in important situation to catch a real authenticity.

    6 artworks
  • Mlle Bulle

    She was born in 1975 / She lives and works in Paris
    Since childhood, she loves drawing and moves in a dream-like and highly-coloured universe. Her compositions combine drawings, pictures and print. In the early days, she designed flyers for nightclubs. She now works with PR Agencies and demonstrates her talent as an illustrator on new media, including television adverts for Whiskas and Femme Actuelle, and illustrations for Cartier, SFR, Dolce & Gabanna, Lexmarks ... She regularly stages individual and group exhibitions, particularly with the Girls At Work group

    3 artworks
  • David Morizon

    He was born in 1971 in Chambéry / He lives and works in Perpignan
    At 12 he moved first step in the photos' world, at a school trip with traditional reflex of his father, and he was a revelation. He has kept this passion, in the years he has refined and matured his techniques, and now he gives us wide plans of graphic landscapes. From the urban space to the open air, with natural light or throught filtres, his works tranquilizes us ... Let you carry by this calm.

    13 artworks
  • Françoise Nielly

    She was born in Marseille / She lives and works in Paris
    Studies: Beaux Arts and Arts Deco designer.
    After a first career like illustrator and photograph for the publicity, Françoise is started to paint over the last decade. Artist to the knife, she has to be hand-draw in a single move all of her creations. The painting is her spinal, which makes her alive, which stands her. In her own, she remakes the faces in all her works, with hard shots, stab wounds, brushstrokes and with gashes. The burst of life, which erupts on her prints, hands him on the shots for the creations. The colors are launched such as a missile. Françoise goes through with her inspiration, which she rests on her works. We can see this will in her prints, which are full of energy. The colors, always very strong often fluorescent are the trademark of Françoise's creations.

    39 artworks
  • Pal Design

    He was born in 1969 in Toulouse / He lives and works in Paris
    Polyvalent artist of Toulouse, Pal is growing up in a music world. Occasionally manager of "La Pal Prod", we can find his untouchable brands (Big cheesse, Bago Groove) in all of his works in series. DJ Pal, like entertainer of Parisian Soul & Funk, is in the generation mods that it persists today still. Pal Design, graphic webmaster, he makes website design. Also for him, the Digigraphie is a free support for his graphic creativity and conditioned and inspired by the music. Super Play is a travel along with a musical taste; These characters are sketches that he has made during his vagabonding. The soul & funk spirit is omnipresent to remember us his passion for the music. Such as artist says: this version is the most complete of his series, only the abundance of information it's already a evidence. In his works we can find also a self-portrait of himself.

    7 artworks
  • Uderzo

    He was born in 1927 in France / He lives and works in Paris
    It's 2010 AD. the meeting between two die-hard Gallic, Astérix and Atelier Contemporain, on the cobblestones of the fair of Lutèce, lead they to a new adventure: The conquest of the wall. With a dose of magic potion, the drops of Digigraphie they are ready for the route.

    116 artworks
  • Lisa Vidal

    She was born in 1973 / She lives and works in Paris
    A Decorative Arts graduate, Lisa has been an inspired artist since childhood. Thousands of sketches burst the seams of her sketchbooks and just about anything else that lends itself whenever she has the chance to draw. The digital revolution was to open new artistic perspectives and would significantly influence her fashion design and style. The theme is immutable, woman in all her forms. Depicted in a generous and sensual nude, tortured and disproportionate, but always with an aesthetic depth, or in close-up in her macro-portraits composed of colourful swathes.

    8 artworks
  • Leigh Viner

    She was born in Denvers, where she is living and working, Colorado (Etats-Unis)
    She has studied photography, painting and communication. She takes inspiration from fashion, mainly haute couture, and her personal experience. She brings in works emotions and life with watercolor, ink and characoal. Make-up artist, when Leight doesn't create her expressive portraits, she photographs during her travels moments of life in vintage style. Leigh has collaborated with big artists such sa Lady Gaga, and whit more magazines (Elle, Harper Bazaar ...) and she works for Unicef in her spare time.

    2 artworks