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NIE 917

Digigraphie on Canvas Epson Premium Glossy 350gr/m² stretched canvas print

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Françoise Nielly

She was born in Marseille / She lives and works in Paris
Studies: Beaux Arts and Arts Deco designer.
After a first career like illustrator and photograph for the publicity, Françoise is started to paint over the last decade. Artist to the knife, she has to be hand-draw in a single move all of her creations. The painting is her spinal, which makes her alive, which stands her. In her own, she remakes the faces in all her works, with hard shots, stab wounds, brushstrokes and with gashes. The burst of life, which erupts on her prints, hands him on the shots for the creations. The colors are launched such as a missile. Françoise goes through with her inspiration, which she rests on her works. We can see this will in her prints, which are full of energy. The colors, always very strong often fluorescent are the trademark of Françoise's creations.

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879,80 €

Media :
  • 879,80 €

    Digigraphie on Canvas Epson Premium Glossy 350gr/m²
    Manufacturing delay : 24 hours
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    Le Canvas Premium Satin est une des 2 toiles agréée digigraphie par Epson 100% coton. Ses 350 gr/m² lui confèrent à la fois souplesse et tenue au montage sur chassis

    Le rendu des couleurs est inégalé, son coating satiné apporte une légère brillance à la toile. La tenue des couleurs est garantie au minimum 85 ans dans des conditions standards d'exposition à la lumière du jour.

    Sa structure fine est adaptée aussi bien au tirage d'art photographique que d'?uvres numériques

    La toile est livrée roulée avec une bordure blanche pour le montage. L'?uvre est visible sur l'épaisseur du chassis qui ne doit pas dépasser 5 cm.

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  • 899,00 €

    Digigraphie on Fine Art Paper Epson Cold Press Natural 300gr/m²
    Manufacturing delay : 24 hours
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