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They were born in Germany / They live and work in Sweden, in Scandinavia and Canada
Eboy was been founded in 1997 by three German friends : Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. They use pixel to the art, so they can explore all of form of new digital art. The ground their work on individual pixel images which they form in a unique image. Each of the three artists create all characters and all set piece by piece, and everyone give his touch and his originality. Today, the collective Eboy, undisputed master of discipline is an international media icon. The most important companies call them for their communication projects. " The desktop of our computers are open windows on a second life, we see pixel everyday !"

Size :
189,00 €

Edition in Open series

Media :
  • 189,00 €

    Poster mounting on wood - Glossy finish
    Manufacturing delay : 24 hours
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    Imprimée sur un papier de 120 gr/m² l'affiche est contrecollée sur une plaque de médium de 5 mm

    Un film glossy est laminé sur l'affiche, apportant un aspect brillant à la fintion et protégeant celle-ci.

    Un ceinture noire est présente au dos du médium pour une accroche facile et une présentation murale contemporaine

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