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Artworks by Jenny Paratilla

There are 22 artworks.

She was born in 1979 in France / She lives and works in Toreilles
Jenny Paratilla is graduated from the Beaux Arts School of Toulouse in 2003, and from the school "La Llotja" of Barcelone. In 2007, after 8 years she still loves the size of canvas: she makes the silhouette of her characters in characoals and acrylic. Her works are exposed in the Artevistas Gallery of Barcelone in 2009, where she was been discovered. In 2011, Agnès B. has know her works, and she has print her "Bad Boys" on kids collection t-shirts, and she has also dedicate her an individual exhibition in Rue du Jour in Paris, in October 2011. She draws excessive, grotesques, eccentrics characters ... dressed like super heros, robots, boxers, pirates, bad boys ... disguised such as naughty kids and that bare their teeth like domesticated monstres, Jenny Paratilla judges her style a funny abstract expressionism.